Marriages in Nepal. Latest news and events regarding matrimonial activities in Nepal

Bel Bibaha or Marriage with Bel ( a tropical fruit) A system in a community in Nepal. Newari community was the indigenous population of Kathmandu valley until approximately 250 years ago. The rulers of then Kathmandu were the Mallas who ruled over the valley and nearby hills for 600 since 1207-1779 C.E. The period is also known as the golden era in Nepal's history as many of the family, traditions and culture were cultivated during this period which are still prevalent among the Newari community. The tradition and culture has also been transferred to other places of the country in modern times as the indigenous people of the valley migrated to other parts in course of their vocation, which was mainly trading in goods.

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Marriages in Nepal

Matchmaking in Nepal

- Bhim Raj Dhakal

In Nepalese or a Hindu system of marriage, as it used to be an arranged marriage until quite recently and it occupies a large proportion of marriage in Nepal and India. It is regulated by religious beliefs and mainly by astrology. As soon as a boy or a girl is born an astrologer is consulted and he according to the lunar-based calendar, or 'patro' refers to the date and time of the birth to find where it falls in the horoscope.

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Marrigaes in Nepal

Marriage Traditions in Nepal

- Sunil Raj Dhakal

People of Nepal have variation due to various caste, ethnicity, religion, geographical location etc. Due to this variation, the culture they follow to differ from place to place as per their norms , culture and customs. But mainly marriage tradition in Nepal can be separated into Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim marriage on the basis of religion. Nepalese matrimony is also largely depending upon the geographic location.

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